Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Good Morning Ms. Spider

Every morning I start my day by making the kids beds and picking up PJ's off the floor.  And every morning Ms. Spider is always there to say hello.  A Spider you say?  Yes Ms. Spider.  Don't be afraid, she is a sweetie.  I'd like you to meet her.....

You can come closer, she is proud of her web!

Doesn't her sweet clown face make you smile?

Her bright yellow body earned her the name "Banana Spider"
Her real name is a Golden Silk Spider.  Ms. Spider weaves a silk that is bright yellow and very visible.

She is very intimidating.  But in reality she is harmless.  Here in Florida
they eat lots of Mosquito's and other nasty bugs that I don't want around here.

See her little friend?  He is actually her mate. 

The University of Florida website states that "Here in Florida they can place a web across a 12 foot wide trail overnight!"  Also they do bite, but only if feel the need to defend themselves. 
A banana spiders bite is milder than a bee sting!

I enjoy seeing banana spiders around my house.  One less bug is a good thing!
My kids call them Ms. Spider.  They each have their own friend hanging around their bedroom window.

I hope that I didn't scare to many of you!  I just wanted to share one of Gods friendly creations!

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Melissa said...

I love spiders!! I think they are super cool. I've never seen one like this - she is intimidating but cool at the same time.

I suppose she wouldn't do well in a place where temps plummet to sub-zero!!

Dayle said...

Spiders are amazing creatures. I'm glad there are some friendly ones out there, but I sure don't enjoy getting tangled up in those intricate webs they weave. :)

Sarah said...

This is the second spider post I've read this evening. I don't think I'd like to meet this lady. I shy away from spiders. ~ Sarah

Light and Voices said...

The webs that spiders create are amazing for sure.
Joyce M

Luna Miranda said...

as long as Ms. Spider stays out of the house, we're fine.:p marvelous shots!

Ms. Bake-it said...

Great shots Lacy! Ms. Spider is quite lovely. We definitely have our fair share of strange spiders here. I used to be terrified of spiders because of a few bad experiences but now even though I do not like them, I am not afraid of them. I prefer they stay out of my house and, when outside, not to build their gorgeous webs anywhere I use as a pathway!

~ Tracy

Anonymous said...

Yikes! She is lovely but Im glad she is at your house and not mine!

JO said...

Don't like spiders...

~ Jo's Precious Thoughts ~