Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Updated Gallery Wall

I have been slowly adding to my gallery wall.  This is the way it originally started.  
 You can see the full post here

Ornate frames found at thrift stores and some ironstone plates have been added.
I put up some antlers that I have been working on today. 
 I will post how I transformed the ugly mount soon.

Obviously my child was super engrossed in his computer game to move!
Did you notice the new green lamps I got for my birthday in August?
I am in the middle of decorating for Christmas and the house is a mess.
I hope your decorating is coming along smoother than mine!  
I need some serious inspiration!

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Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Rustic Porch Tree

My back porch is a work in progress.  
I have always imagined it would be somewhat country rustic,
 like a mountain retreat.  It has taken a long time to even get what I have now.
  It has not been a priority.  This year I decided I would put the porch tree up
 first to make sure it didn't get pushed aside.

I used burlap ribbon found at Michael's.  The pine cones and limbs came from my yard. 
 I robbed my hubby's stash of real deer antler sheds and racks.
My boys are in love with this tree!

The centerpiece is an old Coke crate with a lantern, Leland cypress & Magnolia cuttings, and a few more sheds.  I added a few red balls for a pop of color.
  All of these items were shopped from the house.

The Pleasure chest I have had for a while.  
The Purina feed sack pillows were found on Etsy.

I am still working on my main tree, living room and kitchen decor..
How's your Christmas decor coming??

While your here stick around and check out some other post!

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Saturday, November 26, 2011

2010 Christmas House Tour

As I started decorating this year, I went back to look at my decor last year and get some ideas of what I wanted to do different and what I wanted to stay the same. 
 I am feeling very minimal this year.  I really want most things to stay simple. 

 Here is what it looked like last year..

Are you changing up your style this year?
I hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

I will see you tomorrow for my back porch tree reveal!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope that each one of you have a special Thanksgiving!

That about sums it up!
Try not to each to much!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Scribbles and Swirls!

Please go by and show her some love.
  Scribbles and Swirls blog is beautifully put together with
 lots of resources to find some amazing projects!
Thanks again Tami!  I am honored!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Signs, Signs, Everywhere!

Here is what I have been up to!
Lots and lots of signs..

All of these were made from old pallets or found wood.
My daughters Safety Patrol group had a craft show at the school this weekend.
I love making these!

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