Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Let them eat cake!

Let them eat cake, pudding, lemon drops..... Who says dessert can't come first? My kids were glad to here me say that! So the table was set and dessert came first!

A yellow floral and stripe pallet sets the backdrop for a fun but dressy table ready for the scrumptious lemon deserts!  Amber Patrician depression glass is layered with Mikasa's Italian Countryside to act as a pedestal for fun cocktail glasses full of lemon pudding.....

While we are talking china, crystal and all the fun stuff that comes along with tablescapes, Mikasa has added new pieces to their "Cheers" collection that you should check out!  Click on the video below and get some creative party ideas and check out the "Cheers" line!  It is perfect for all seasons and parties!  Add some fun and sophistication to your life today!

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Monday, July 26, 2010

I'm seeing stripes!

And lots of them!  I decided to paint horizontal stripes in my tiny hallway.... 
I have spent all day fiddling with a laser level, then yard stick and level, putting up tape, taking down tape, scratching my head and painting stripes.  Again, what was I thinking?

Here is what I was thinking:

Picture courtesy of Autumn @ Design Dump
(Go visit her, she is amazing!)
Oh yeah, I want that mirror!  And the crown is awesome!!

I picked up some mis-tinted paint at Lowe's for $5.  The color appeared to be a muted grayish putty color.  I loved it and thought it would look great against my wheat colored walls (Valspar Angel).
Once I put the color on the wall it looked lavender with a hint of grey??  OOH NOO!
I just spent all day taping my walls and this color is awful!
Well my gut told me to take the plunge and go for it.  So I did.. No guts no glory, right?

After looks of horror from my husband, I started to doubt my gut.  So I asked him, "What do you think?"  The ever sweet and smart man that I married replied, "I will hold all judgement until all the tape is down and you are finished."  Let me just say that this is no the first crazy idea I have had.  I have painted a kitchen purple, dining room lime green, small bath barn red and so on....  He ended up loving (or saying he did) each room.  Hopefully this will turn out the same way.

Here is what it looked like prior to tape

And tonight after tape and paint

My camera does not take the best pics (my dslr is being repaired right now)...
But the last picture is the closest to the true colors.

The hallway gets a lot of natural light during the day, so the morning will show the best of the color.  Once I decide that I like the color I will take the tape down.  Keep your fingers crossed for me!

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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Bathroom Redo!

My house is 17years old.  We have been here for 3 years now and truly love it.  There is no love however for the bathrooms!  The rooms are small, but have good bones.  I can't complain about the tile in the shower or the floor.  The grout however is another story...The lighting consisted of brassy gold Hollywood dressing room lights (ughh).  The previous owner painted the walls and baseboards the same color and obviously did not protect the other surfaces from getting paint on them. 

I decided to start with my kids bathroom first.  After all it is the main that visitors see.  There were several problems that needed to be addressed.
  1. The previous owner allowed tan paint to get all on top of the shower tile.
  2. Caulk was put over the existing grout (that is original to the house) instead of replacing it.  Leaving me with a lovely mess that was breeding mold and mildew!
  3. The cabinet was (badly) painted white (I am guessing) in a hurry.  Hinges and all were slathered with glossy white paint!
  4. Baseboards needed to be painted
I decided to fix it all!  This is when someone who loves me should have interjected and put a stop to my madness!  (Does anyone else think they can do it all and then at the midpoint of a project regret their Superman complex??) 

I tackled the grout by using a grout saw and razor blade.  I found that the razor blade worked best on my grout.  The grout saw can (and will) scratch and chip the tile if you are not careful.  I am not always careful!  I used a premixed grout to re grout.  A heavy duty (yet unforgiving) caulk was used where the tub and tile connect.  The end result was great and I am now thankful that I attempted to do this!

The cabinet was sanded down and repainted black.  I used silver handles on the doors. (I have yet to put them on the drawers??)  A fresh coat of paint (Valspar Angel) was put on all the walls.

I still have to frame the mirror and add a few more accents but am happy with the finished job!

Before Pictures:

This is the large hole left after we replaced the lights!

Excuse the mess.. I forgot to take my befores!


Now that is clean nice grout!

I hope you enjoyed my little tour of our little bathroom!  Stay tuned for the fine tuning of this space!

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I love a bargain!

Whew hoo!  I love a bargain, and boy did I come across one today!  I went to the mall today just to buy a baby gift.  I parked at Macy's for convince.  Conveniently housewares are right at the entry!  I spotted the 40% off the lowest price tables and was just going to browse.  $53.00 later I left, but I saved $184.58!

Here are my deals!

Four large square plates, matching salad plates and bowls by the cellar for $2.59 each!!!
Retail was $12 each
Six wine glasses by Krosno (Polland) for $2.59 each!  Retail was $14 a stem

Four Shell Napkin Rings were found at an antique mall for $5

Lantern was found at Michael's in the clearance (As Is) section for $3.49.
It is damaged on all four edges of the top portion of the lantern where you can't really tell!

I can't wait to use my new finds!  I will be dreaming up all kinds of tablescapes!

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Beach Tablescape

The salt life has been on my mind.  I want to be back on the water!  So my sweet daughter and I played around an came up with a neutral pallet to display our desire to be back on the ocean.  I played around with the lights and flash on my camera to get a few different variations of the burlap,starfish and shells.

Burlap, shells, silver charges and white dishes make a calming serene tablescape....

Apothecary Jar was found at Goodwill
Silver chargers are also from Goodwill
White square plates and bowls are Pampered Chef
Placemats are actually two paper napkins
White butter pats are heirlooms
Glasses were found at a yard sale
Tall silver candlesticks were purchased at a school silent auction
Small sterling candlesticks were my Moms

I am joining Susan at Between Naps on the Porch to celebrate her 100th Tablescape Thursday!

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