Sunday, January 22, 2012


We went to Crystal River this weekend to do a little fishing and see the manatees.  Every November the manatees swim south for the winter and call the warm waters of the Florida coast home.  Swarms of people flocked to the water to catch a glimpse of these gentle giants.  The manatee did not disappoint. 

It was so warm and the kids wanted to swim so badly. 
 Brady (my nephew) got brave and stripped down
to his underwear to jump in.  It didn't last long for him!  

National Geographic was here taking pics for a special!

Everyone was excited to see the Manatees!  Even this cute dog!

The manatee is docile, curious and friendly. 
 This one came up to our boat Saturday and stayed with us all the way up the canal. 
He loved our trolling motor!

Click here to read about Three Sisters Spring. 
 Citrus County and the city of Crystal River have saved this amazing habit for the manatees.  

Friday, January 6, 2012

Ringling Bros. Presents DRAGONS

I wanted to share with you a project that is very dear to me...
 My step-dad Rick Papineau (Pappy) is the Vice President of Scenic Elements for
FELD Entertainment.  He is the heart and soul behind all of the sets and props for Ringling Brothers & Barnum & Bailey CircusDisney on IceDisney LiveNuclear Cowboyz and Monster Jam.. just to name a few.  He has a cool job and my kids get to enjoy the fruits of his labor each time there is a new show!  Ringling is hatching something BIG this time in the idea of a Dragon.  Not just any dragon, but one that is animated, 25ft long and almost that tall, breathes fire, flies and moves around the show! 

You can click on this video from You Tube to get a glimpse of what the FELD team has been up too!

In the mean time enjoy a few pictures he has taken during the year.
 (Did I mention he is an awesome photographer as well!)

What Pappy does is magical and I love that kids and adults alike are enjoying something he has worked so hard on.  I hope each and everyone of you gets the opportunity to visit one of the shows
 FELD Entertainment offers.  I guarantee you won't be disappointed!

Thank you Pappy for all of the cool inspirations!  "The Crusty Nest" really appreciates you as well as the rest of the crusty family!
You are a special man for not only creating some really cool things, but for putting up with Lolo all the time! 
 I promise we will take good care of you later on and not put you up in a crusty home!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Silver in the past, present and future! Part 1

  I am going through a very Silver phase right now.  I cant' get enough of this shiny, yet full of patina glorious decor that silver offers.  I have trays galore in my kitchen, a new (very ornate) napkin holder, and lots of bowls, and serving pieces. It works in harmony with my ironstone and just makes me happy.
 Here is what I have been pinning lately..

There are so many more, but I don't want to bore you!
I found a few interesting sites that you might enjoy while doing some research on a few pieces I have.

I loved this quote too!
Though we may lament that much old silver has been lost to the whims of fashion or the loss of fortune, we must also remember that the nineteenth century saw a taste for collecting antique silver: Pieces once melted and refashioned began to be collected for their aesthetic appeal. The same period saw a burgeoning spirit of inquiry and research, and as the 19th century gave way to the 20th, scholarly publications and exhibitions brought new information, and exciting pieces of silver, to light. Silver has a past, a present and a future, and, in many ways, it lives in all three.
Joseph P. Brady
Silver Historian, 2007

Tomorrow I will show you how i have used my silver..