Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I heart SUGAR!

Sugar is important part of any Southern family.  How else could we get that syrupy sweet tea?  I buy sugar by the 10 pound bags at Sam's to ensure that we never go with out.  Chaos and rioting would erupt with out a gallon of that beautiful mahogany drink! 

I have some glass canisters that I have had in my cabinet.  I get bored and change them out with my cream ones every now and then.  My sweet sugar needed a special spot on the counter!  So I whipped up a vinyl stencil (thank you Cricut!), slapped on a thick layer of etching cream, waited a few minutes and had a special piece.

A sterling baby cup acts as the scoop. 
I love that this plain glass canister became something special now to me!
Glass etching is so easy to use and makes everything a little more personal.
No glass is now safe in my home!

Check out these parties for some serious inspiration;

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Printed Vinyl from Springfed Printing.

Ok, so I have been neglecting my blog.  Please forgive me!  I had a nice message from a follower this weekend that reminded me that I might need to get busy blogging again! 

Jane said; "girl i love the dresser but am now over it !! blog for godsake !!"

Thank you Jane.  You made me laugh and get busy.

I have good reasons for neglecting all of you though!  They are called my three kids!  Between volleyball and baseball practices, tournaments, Girl Scouts, FFA, FCA, Guitar & Piano Lessons, a part time job and house-keeping, there hasn't been a lot of time in between.  Some bloggers are SUPER MOMS!!  I am not.  I do enjoy sleeping! 
Where is the husband you ask?? 
He has one of those jobs that keeps him on the road alot.  So he doesn't have much time to help.

I promise I will share my recent and not so recent projects this week and try to keep them coming.  One thing that I have been recently obsessed with is my Cricut.  How did I ever live with out this baby??  I love her so and with that has come my new love for VINYL!!  I can't get enough!  I have vinyled up anything that it will stick too!  My monogram is on everything.

This is my new license plate for my car! 
Monograms & Gators!  Who could ask for anything more??

If you love vinyl, I have a great source for patterned Vinyl! 
You can get any color zebra, hounds tooth and more from this vendor.
While you are there check out all the amazing decals they offer. 
 The price is great and the color quality on
the vinyl is so much better than the other two sources I have purchased from online. 
 They are currently adding on more patterns too so keep checking in with them!
Here are just a sampling of what they have:

The possibilities are endless!  Tell them you found them through me!
Happy crafting!  I will see ya'll tomorrow!  I promise!

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