Thursday, April 29, 2010

New Fabulous Curtains!

I am truly inspired by all the creative and beautiful projects that I have seen around blogland. I keep thinking, “Why didn’t I think of that?” Recently I have been obsessed with the Nester at The Nesting Place window mistreatments. She has come up with no sew, quick and easy window treatments that look like she paid a small fortune for. I love that. I previously said that I can’t sew a straight line to save my life. Really it’s pathetic. The more I try the worse it gets!

I bought a beautiful (brand new) Rose Tree comforter set on e-Bay for $75 with free shipping! Woohoo! Not only did I get a deal but they were offering the coordinating fabric for $2/yard. So I bought 10 yards! The comforter came in and was better than expected. The fabric came in and I was blown away! It was beautiful and there was tons of it. Their yardage count is based on 108” wide! 108”!! I had planned to make curtains with the fabric, but I did not want to tackle this! I decided I could tackle the new sew mistreatments.

My previous curtains were a dark green ultra-suede that matched my previous bedding. Uggh! They drove me crazy. But they did blackout the light in the curved window.

I cut the material to size and used Heat –N-Bond iron on adhesive to create a hem on both sides. I added this step because my fabric is white on the opposite side.

Next I folded the top to add to drapery clips that I already had. I used clothes pins to hold the top together while I climbed the ladder to reach the rod with drapery ring clips. I already had the ring clips in my stash. I used 7 clips per panel. Once the fabric was clipped in place, I scrunched the fabric around until I achieved the desired look.

I am thrilled with the result! This is my new favorite! They are pretty, the fabric hangs well, and they still function as curtains.

Here is a look at my bedding and a few shots around my bedroom.

I am looking for larger art work above my bed. I would like to flank the entomology prints on either side of larger art. Any suggestions. I am searching for larger bedside tables also, but can’t seem to find exactly what I am looking for.

I hope you enjoyed my mini tour.  I would love any ideas you have to improve my bedroom. 

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tired of crooked pictures?

I know I am.  I have tried every little trick that I know to keep my pictures straight.  Martha Stewart recommended putting bumpers on each corner.  That didn't work for me.  Every time the door slams every hung picture went awry.  Hopefully today all this will change.  Autumn from Design Dump is an interior designer who introduced me to The Cobra Tack!

The Cobra Tack comes in a variety of sizes.  I found mine at Lowes.  They are simple to use and it really leaves no guess work to hanging pictures.  Autumn recommends this to all her clients.  It is a great way to hang a grouping of pictures.  It keeps the picture level and makes it easy to hang equal distances from each other.  Click on her name above to see her tutorial!

I tried them out today on 5 different problem pictures.  They were so easy. 
I hope this offers a solution to all your crooked pictures!


Sunday, April 25, 2010


Well it was a busy and successful week thrifting around.  I found the most bang for my buck this week at Goodwill and my local hospice thrift store. In total I spent less than $25 on my great finds!
Take a look and see!

4 Silver chargers for $2

Mexican Terracota Bowl $3 
Pics don't do this piece justice!

Blue and White Tin platter $1

Basket weave white plate
Cream scallop serving dish (Homer Laughlin)
I paid $1 for both

Green ceramic planter marked MANLEY $3

2 lamps (that match 2 that I have) $5
These will end up on my desk (once I build it)

Cream planter $.50

Home decor and DIY books 6 for $3.50!

I hope you enjoyed seeing my deals this week!  I visit my 2 Goodwills and Hospice thrift shop each week!
I will be going to visit my Mom next weekend in Sarasota!  She has the best Goodwill's I have ever been to!  I can't wait to see if I find anything.  I'm on the lookout for light fixtures, planters and more dishes!
Wish me luck!

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Friday, April 23, 2010

Look what came in the mail!

My latest e-Bay purchase!  New chartreuse raw silk beaded chandelier shades! 

I immediatley put them up!  The old shades were a classic bell shape in a leathery yellow finish.  They blended in with all the yellow in my fabrics, wall and china cabinet.

They are even prettier light up!

Just a little frosting! 
I have watched "How to lose a guy in 10 days" way to much!

They make me so happy!  This is definatley one of my favorite things!  I am linking up with
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I hope you enjoyed!

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

New Friends!

I love making new friends!  Can you really ever have enough?  The Girl Creative gives bloggers a chance to discover new bloggers through her Friday Linky party called New Friend Friday!  FUN!!

Here's a few tidbits about me:

I am a Stay At Home MOM!
I am a self-professed dork and proud of it!
I love volunteering at my kids school.
I can not get enough about design.  I study every book, magazine, website and tv show I can!
I can't sew worth a darn, but keep thinking I will wake up and magically improve??
I like using exclamation points!!!!!

Here I am with my sweet little girl!

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Monday, April 19, 2010

Armoire Vignette

We have a little nook in the family room that is meant for built-ins.  We have big plans to build a cabinet this summer.  In the meantime our old pine armoire that we have had  for years holds our TV and stuff.  I bought a set of for cane back french style chairs off of Craigslist last year.  Two flank each side of the armoire. 

I have played around with styling the top, but just haven't been happy with anything.  I saw a room on Rate My Space that gave me inspiration.  So off to Michael's I went.  I found three moss covered balls to use, but nothing to set them on.  Target had some cream colored ceramic candlesticks that I liked.  Jackpot!  I had a plan.

And I loved it!  I wanted a simple but bold statement in the space.

I added a pillow for the back of the chair and used the Imperial Dragonfly fabric for lumbar pillows to add a pop of color to them.

This basket was purchased at a local hospice thrift store for $3!  It holds my ever growing collection of Southern Living and Traditional Home.  Can you see the little dings and blemishes on the armoire?  It is pretty beat up from the kids rolling toys into it over the years.  I love every mark!

I hope you enjoyed a peek inside my family room.  It is constantly evolving with my family.  We have big plans that I can't wait to see fall into place.

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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Vintage Calendar Canvas Art

Oh how I love Modge Podge!  I discovered  it when I discovered blogging.  Boy how my life has changed.  I have played around with it a few times and decided to get creative around Christmas time.  I had this bright idea to Modge Podge 11X14 vintage Florida Gator football prints from a calendar that I had seen around.  I had originaly planned to frame them for my 12 year old sons room.  But Modge Podge just sounded more fun.

Now remember I started this project in December.  I just finished them this week.  This was no time consuming project, however if you are a procrastinator like myself, time is forever being pushed to the next day.  Some of you understand.  I bought a 7 pack of the cheapest 11X14 canvas that Michael's had to offer, a bottle of orange acrylic paint and Modge Podge.  The calendar cost $19.99 at the quiosk in the mall.  After using my 40% off coupon at Michael's, each canvas cost me $3.51!  Not to shabby for art in a pre-teen's bedroom.

We live 15 minutes outside of Gainesville, Florida!  My family loves the University of Florida (No haters please) and we take advantage of every activity they offer.  Gator Baseball is my favorite!  I love the family atmostphere we get there!  My daughter was a junior announcer last year at one of the games.  It was an experience she will never forget! Back to the art....

Once I put the prints on the canvas they began to wrinkle and bubble some.  I  made several attempts to smooth them out but I just wasn't happening.  After I put the final top coat on the end result turned out pretty cool.  The print felt like and looked like worn leather.  Very vintage!

Can you see the texture??

While we are in this room, I thought you might want to see a few more shots.

Babe Ruth & Ted Williams

Blue and White ticking fabric on the desk chair.  I am hoping to get bedding like this soon.

This furniture was my dads when he was a kid.  It had a honey stain with federal style hardware.  I really wanted the navy blue bedroom furniture from Pottery Barn.  So after many hours sanding, priming, painting and coats of poly, I achieved the look I was after.  I love that it has a family story plus it is solid wood and in great shape.  I hope my son will have this for a long time.

One more shot of his bed!

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Hope you enjoyed my cheap art work and a tour of my oldest room!
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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Shop Your House Sunday!

I love all the linky partys found around blogland.  If I could I would participate in all of them.  For the love of the game of baseball (and of course my kids) my weekends are normally filled up.  But I did do a little project that cost no money and I used things that I already had.  Check out Kendall at Finesse Your Nest to see this fun party!

My mom gave me these planters two years ago.  They have been sitting in my shed waiting to be used.  I originally planned to put them on either side of my sheds roll up door.  But the right side of my garage doors looked so bare.  So after some shameless begging my husband finally got around to putting them up for me!

Aren't they pretty!  Talk about making me happy.  I can't quit smiling when I look at them.
I had these petunias in a different planter, but really wanted the yellow to welcome me home!

Oh how these make me smile!

I hope you enjoyed!  Come and see me again!


Thursday, April 15, 2010

These are a few of my favorite things!

Now that I have you singing in your best Julie Andrews voice, I wanted to show you a few of my favorite things found in and around my home. I am linking up with Laurie at Bargain Hunting for her Favorite Things party! I hope you will check it out.

Blue and White plates in any arrangement (I wish this was mine!)
Botanical Prints
French Country Decor (I can't get enough Charles Faudree)
My Grandmothers china  * Rosalind by Haviland *
Robert Furbers Art

 They make me smile.  I think everyone should have an arrangement of tulips.  I have always wanted to tip toe through the tulips (while singing in the rain).  Did I mention I love tulips?

My chandelier
I waited 13 years to get a chandelier that I wanted.  I can dress it up or down with these baubles.  I desperatley need to change the shades but just can't commit to what I want.  I look at this everyday and smile.

Flowers welcoming you in Urns
I love driving up to my house and seeing flowers surrounding my front porch.  My goal is to have people drive by and think how cozy and welcoming my home is.

Phat Fifi!
My cat is so special to me.  She is phat, loveable, fat, obsessed with food and loves me with all her heart!  We got her for my daughers 4th birthday (4 yrs. ago) from the animal rescue.  I truly believe she knows we saved her.  I don't think God could have blessed my family with a better pet to have.

And last but definately not least, my babies.  8, 12, and 10.  They make me laugh, cry, go crazy and fill me with so much happiness.  What more could a mom ask for!

I hope you enjoyed a glimpse into a few of my favorite things (there is that tune again).
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