Wednesday, October 27, 2010

She's Practically Perfect to me!

Today is the much awaited Halloween party today in my daughters classroom.  It was a hard decision on exactly what she wanted to dress up as.  Hoochie mama costumes seemed to be what she gravitated to.  Ughh what to do.. So we went through the list of her favorite things.  Immediately Mary Poppins came to mind.  She is a Mary Poppins "nut" and loves talking in a British accent.  Perfect.  Well the Disney costumes that were available were $125 and up???  Really people???  No problem, I know how to shop thrift stores.. I will get a costume together!

My thought process was that everything I buy will be something she can use after Halloween is over.  I purchased a wool/velvet dress coat from a vintage dealer on Etsy.  She can wear it during the really cold days!  Black boots were needed for the season also!  I found a black velvet skirt and white lacy type shirt at Goodwill.  She will be able to reuse these next year for our Heritage Day's at school.  My mom sent me a hat that belonged to my great-grandmother.  I needed a new umbrella and we found a quilted bag (no carpet bags were to be found!) for $5! 

With it being 88 degrees as the high today, here is the warm weather version:

She is "Practically Perfect" to me!

Take 2 with the heavy coat will be coming on Saturday night!
I also have a Lego Mini figurine in the making... Say a prayer for me that it works!


Jamie said...

Adorable!! I LOVE the hat.

Tammy said...

I love that!! Mary Poppins is so cute! What a clever idea. She will definitely have a one of a kind costume. Lucky kiddos to have such a creative mom. Can't wait to see the Lego costume.

The Yellow Cape Cod said...

Awesome! Cant wait to see the lego!

Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

Hi Lacy, She is absolutely adorable! Love the costume and that she will be able to wear the pieces again. Very cute!
xoxo, Sherry

Carl said...

It's nice to know that while traveling I can always log into the one who inspires me! Love your hunter!Your the greatest mother and wife I could have ever asked for, be home soon :)

Dee said...

I just bought a very similar coat at Goodwill. It was hanging in the women's section and I thought it was a beautiful coat with 3/4 sleeves. I wore it and it was adorable. I noticed later that it was a child's coat! OOops! (I still love it!)