Sunday, October 31, 2010

My Mom Cave

I am linking up with Between Naps on the Porch for the Homegoods Mom Cave Giveaway!  My Mom Cave is the master bedroom..  I have a 1692 square foot home that I share with my 3 kids and husband.  There is not a whole lotta places to escape.  My husband offices out of our home our master bedroom.  So really my Mom Cave is the office, bedroom, laundry folding room, blogging space, crafting area and place for the kids to hang out on the computer.  Does it really count as a Mom Cave???  It will have to do!

Here is the good picture:

What I did not show you and refuse to show you is the wall from across from the bed.
This wall is filled with an ugly large desk, TV, ironing board, printer stand and a pathetic excuse for a desk chair (the chair you can see has now lost it's back and arms??).  There is no decor to be found on this wall. 
Words can not do justice for the eye sore that I have to look at on a daily basis.

I need some serious design and organizational love in this room!



Prior said...

I'm not for the Mc mansions...You will be glad your kids are close by. I think we have the same beds, lol. Maybe he needs an office that can be shut, when not in use. guys just don't like their pens in pretty tea cups and their files in hat boxes for some reason. grin Lezlee (I wish my bedroom was that clean)

Lindy said...

Love your "cave". Your bedding is wonderful and I love the blue and white pottery. Very pretty!

Terry @ La Bella Vie said...

Yes it does count for a "Mom Cave" if its your space at times then it counts:)

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Lacy,
Everything else in the room looks great, you have done a lovely job of decorating. Maybe you just need to find a way to pretty up his desk a bit and hang something on the wall that looks nice, look for a chair at a garage sale, and make a cover for the tv. A friend and I made pretty fabric covers for the tv's they had in the rooms of their bed and breakfast cause they didn't want them to stick out like sore thumbs. Course, they were small tv's!! Just some ideas.
Maybe want be perfect, but could certainly help it not look so utilitarian!!
Blessings hon,
were small tv's, but

Tammy said...

Mom's kind of get the leftovers don't we? Love the colors of your bedroom. At least you are able to work in an office in the room. Good luck!

Connie said...

What a beautiful window. The perfect escape place.

Nancy said...

Love the blue and white pieces in your room! So pretty!

Jenny said...

I love your room, especially the blue and white plates and decor

Kathy said...

Your bedroom is beautiful -What a great place to relax -it is lovely

ButterYum said...

Lol - such a lovely room. I can't imagine the unseen wall, but I have a few unseen walls in my house too. We're only human.


Roberta said...

Hang in there and inspiration is on the way with all these lovely Mom Caves ;) We recently downsized (twice in one year) and my DH and I now reside in the Love Shack...all 687 sq.ft. AND guess what...we both work from I understand your MB, Office, laundry, etc. room...because I have one of those as well. Luckily our office space in the MB was built into the wall so I found a cable at IKEA and have hung a black silk curtain from clips so that we can close the office up at night. It also hids all those lights form the computers...he has two of them for his work ;) Check out my photos for this giveaway if that helps. Best of luck ing the giveaway, fondly, Roberta