Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Varsity China

Attention all plate addicts, have you seen Varsity China? 

"Varsity China are purveyors of commemorative plates and dinnerware for colleges and universities.
Each university is depicted in a specially designed plate or series of plates."

Not only are they a great way to "be true to your school"
 but they are microwave & dishwasher safe!

Currently only 18 universities are available but requests are being taken.

I can't wait to see who gets a full set for a tablescape!
Happy Shopping!


Marydon said...

How cool an idea!

~ Pop over for our CSN Giveaway, if you haven't ~
Have a beautiful New Year ~

Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

Lacy..., just thought I let you know. I featured your bathroom from the linkup (love the sheer burlap with shells)..., see this weekend's Coastal News.

CJ said...

Varsity China! Love that idea. I'm wondering if I could get a set made with my high school crest. Hmmmmming. Now I have a project! Thanks! ~CJ

Alycia Nichols said... Missouri plates yet! :-( I will have to put Varsity china in my Favorites bar and check back periodically. Those would be fun to have!

Lisa Montsion said...

I love collecting china.