Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas Cards are NOT as easy as they look!

I love enjoy sending Christmas Cards out each year.  My list seems to grow but thats ok.  My friends and family are worth the time and effort it takes writing each card, addressing them and of course taking the perfect picture of the kids to put in these cards. 

However, the pictures are torture to me. 
Here is what I am dealing with:

The CLOWN that is my middle child will not cooperate!
Bribes of candy and legos have not worked! 
He is either making faces, won't smile, or looks the wrong way????

So my Christmas picture will not be as good as they have in the past?
But I think my tree will!

Come back and see me tonight. 
 I have all the trees ready for their debut!

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1 comment:

Dee said...

Both of our boys went through the "Super Smile" faze.....It will be funny in a few years when you look back .....but it was NOT funny at the time!! Cute!!