Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Let's go for a boat ride!

It's Outdoor Wednesday again and I wanted to take you on a boat tour of Homosassa Springs.  We love going every year to this old area of Florida.  It's scallop season and the boats are out by the droves!  If you have never been scalloping, you are missing a fantastic underwater Easter egg hunt!  Scallops are found in the Gulf of Mexico in approx 3-8 feet of water.  I love diving and searching through the grass and sandy spots for the beautiful scallops!

We will be going through the channels out to the Gulf!  I hope you enjoy the scenic tour!

 This is Monkey Island that is owned by Homosassa Riverside Resort.
There are 5 monkeys in all that love to swing around for all the boats!

Slow down!  Manatees are all around!

This is the parade of boats going through the channels with us. 
Everyone wants to get their scallop limit!

This is the last house on the channel.  It is on it's own island. 
Your only way to get there is by boat.
It is available for rent year round.

Here we goooo! Hang on to your hats!  We have a 7 mile boat ride to get to our spot!

The dive flag flies to let the other boats know we are snorkeling in the area.

Mask on, snorkel high, face down and swim.  Watch out scallops, here we come!

Don't come up until your bag is full!  We have 2 five gallon buckets to fill!

Limit reached!  Now we can fish!

Hopefully you can catch one of these!  18" Redfish!  Nothing smaller can come in the boat.

Time to go in, follow the channel markers.  Red Right Return
Looks like we made it back in the nick of time!  Nothing like an afternoon Florida thunderstorm.
But we gotta get back and clean all those scallops!

Good times!

If your ever in the area come on by, I would love to show you our scalloping spots. 
Scallop season ends September 10th!  For more info visit Florida Fish & Wildlife.
I hope you enjoyed my little boat tour of Homossassa!

I am joining A Southern Daydreamer for Outdoor Wednesdays!


Jennifer said...

Your pictures are just Amazing!!! That looks like so much fun and just a wonderful place to visit!!!

Average Girl said...

It does look like fun!!!!!

Petie said...

Wow, thanks for a trip down memory lane! I grew up on the MS Gulf Coast, and visited the FL area often. Living in the northwest now, I miss some of those great summer activities.

Linda said...

That looks like wonderful fun! What a great day and awesome pictures too! Thanks for sharing!

Queen of Dreamsz said...

Hi Lacy,

Another Southern lady here! Oh..how your post has made me miss the fresh food from the Gulf..oh my gosh, the first redfish I ever caught was in the marshes of Louisiana..about 2 to 3 feet of water...I used a lightweight rod with 5 # test and a chartreuse rooster tail....

What a fight and thrill it was to pull in a 27" redfish...woohoo!!! I've never snorkeled for the scallops though...you made a haul...

After living along the coast most of my life off and on I've moved to my home state and to the Smoky Mountains...so I live through the coastal blogs to get my thrills "in spirit" ♥

I'm visiting for Outdoor Wednesday...would love to have you come by to take a peek at my photos.

Have a wonderful day,