Sunday, April 25, 2010


Well it was a busy and successful week thrifting around.  I found the most bang for my buck this week at Goodwill and my local hospice thrift store. In total I spent less than $25 on my great finds!
Take a look and see!

4 Silver chargers for $2

Mexican Terracota Bowl $3 
Pics don't do this piece justice!

Blue and White Tin platter $1

Basket weave white plate
Cream scallop serving dish (Homer Laughlin)
I paid $1 for both

Green ceramic planter marked MANLEY $3

2 lamps (that match 2 that I have) $5
These will end up on my desk (once I build it)

Cream planter $.50

Home decor and DIY books 6 for $3.50!

I hope you enjoyed seeing my deals this week!  I visit my 2 Goodwills and Hospice thrift shop each week!
I will be going to visit my Mom next weekend in Sarasota!  She has the best Goodwill's I have ever been to!  I can't wait to see if I find anything.  I'm on the lookout for light fixtures, planters and more dishes!
Wish me luck!

If you want to see more Thrifty Treasures visit Rhoda at Southern Hospitality and Linda at Coastal Charm

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marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Your really did find some fabulous things. I love them all. I was really drooling over the basketweave platter. I have a thing for platters all of a sudden. You did really well. Hugs, Marty

sissie said...

Hi Lacy,
Welcome to BlogLand!! I can see by your blog that you are very talented and sweet too boot!!
Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such a nice comment. I'll be following you and will be back often.

I really like all your finds. You are quite the thrifty shopper. All of your things would be callin my name.


Linda@Coastal Charm said...

You have some awesome finds favorites are the decorating books (i pick these up all the time and luv getting them for pennies)...the green planter and some cute lamps! Come by and show them off at my NIFTY THRIFTY TUESDAYS PARTY...hope to see you there:)


Carmen said...

I love all the dishes you found. And the lamps are really cute too.

Shirley said...

You found some really good stuff!!! Great buy on the chargers!!!!!!!

Robin's Nesting Place said...

You found some great things! I love the shape of the lamps!

Jennifer said...

Thank you so much for your sweet comments! I love your blog!!! I'm your newest follower! I'm new to blogland too! I have a total of 3 followers! lol!

Take care!

Jennifer said...

I'm not sure where you are from,but if you are near a Publix you most def need to check out or www.iheartpublix .com !!! When I was pregnant and bored at work I would come across blogs with ladies finding all these coupons deals and I just kept reading and kinda just taught myself! It's amazing the stuff you can get for free or almost free! another blog I like is It can get overwhelming though! Just start out doing baby steps! Any questions please ask! I still buy other groceries, but I have cut my grocery bill in half!

Tardevil said...

Good luck. We must have the crappiest GW ever here! I never find anything that good and ours is expensive. I really like your lamps. That blue/white tin plate looks like porcelain.

Tardevil said...

p.s. Good luck thrifting in Fl! Hope you find bunches!

Lana K. W. Austin said...

All wonderful finds! I love all of the white pieces and that blue and white piece as well, but they are all fantastic! I have gotten some great magazine/book deals at my GW!
Hugs, Lana

Scribbler said...

You could be a professional shopper!

You really scored with those books! I always first check out the books, the glass and tabletop stuff when I hit the thrifts.


ThriftyAnnabella said...

Great finds - I love finding decor books at great bargains.

Mama Zen said...

Great finds!

Dragonfly Treasure said...

Awesome finds!!
Stopping by from NTT.

Sylvia said...

I love platters...have a drawer full..use them any chance I get.

I too am a new couponer...


Linda said...

Love your GW finds! I hit my thrifts every week also.

Wendy said...

You did great! Your GW is much better than ours! Awesome finds :)

Patti said...

Love those lamps - the shade I am sharing today would look adorable on them!! Coming over from NTT

Creations By Cindy said...

Girl I do believe you got some good deals. I really love your white plate! Happy NTT. Be blessed. Cindy

kim said...

Wow you hit the jackpot with all that loot. Love the small white Homer Laughlin platter.

TheSmithHotel said...

Great finds! I stop by my thrift stores a ton too! It helps to keep going to see what "new" stuff they get in!

thanks for sharing,
stopping by from NTT

Sherrie said...

I was posting my Goodwill finds today as well. Is there anything better than Goodwill.

Donna said...

Goodwill is great! Thanks for sharing your finds! Terrific things! Donna...the 3rd sister

Linda@Coastal Charm said...

I'm soooo happy to see you at NTT!


kay said...

Hey Lacy Lu! I think you should send your Aunt Kay that blue & white platter. Love you.

Marla said...

So Lacy, I also make the rounds to the 2 GW's and Hospice attic almost weekly. Maybe we have seen eachother. Did you find any great treasures in Sarasota? I have a friend that used to live in Sarasota and said she found a ton of great stuff down there. Maybe we will have to meet up some time. Marla

Playing Sublimely said...

really nice to meet you!

Kansas Amy said...

Great finds!!