Thursday, December 29, 2011

A very late Merry Christmas & updates!

I hope everyone had a great Holiday.  It has been non-stop and I just did not get all the decorating done as I had wanted to.  The poor kids didn't even get their trees up this time!  But we did have a great Christmas and that is all that matters. 

 My sweet Molly turned 10 in December!  Wow, she is becoming a pre-teen and quick.  How I wish I could slow it down!  We had a slumber party to celebrate and invited 12 friends to stay over.  What was I thinking??  We had lots of pizza, snacks, smores, hot chocolate and cake.  Did I mention the karaoke?  They slept in the living room on the floor, chair and couches.  It was a very loud and active night!

The girl loves pickles! (And her friends know it!)

Homemade ice-cream sandwich cake! YUM  

We have been running around like crazy and I am ready for 2012!
  I hope each one of you had a great Holiday.
I will post my favorite from 2011 tomorrow.


Crystal @ Ordinary Days said...

The girl loves pickles and her friends know it! Haha! :) Your tree was gorgeous!! Happy Birthday to your sweet daughter.

Prasad Kumar said...

Seems like so much fun. I hope you have another happy and wonderful holiday. Happy Holidays!

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