Sunday, February 13, 2011

I am....New Photo Blog!!

I a new blog by Megan from Brassy Apple that features photos submitted by women that meets the theme set each month.  Febuary's theme is Love.  

I recently submitted a photo from Molly's first date with her dad.
Hop on over to I am... to see this sweet pic!

Here is Megan's description of her blog.....

 To connect through photos with other women and what they wanted to share - to be seen, to create, to capture life, to capture the everyday. To connect, to uplift to embrace, to empower and to relate - all through a single colorful snapshot.

This blog is about sharing snapshots from women all around the world. We are more than just all the labels, advertising, and categories we are put in or put ourselves in.

We are more than just...........

We all have different forms of beauty, different talents, traits that make us who we are and ideas that drive us and mold our character. We all have a story to tell.

So what can you capture through the lens of your camera to share? Often we as women and mothers are behind the camera capturing life without us in that moment. I want you to share those moments and occasionally step in front of it as well. We capture so many beautiful moments, images, stories and emotions through a single photo. We can learn so much from each other.

This blog will have a monthly theme that all the photos will be based on - like a tiny window into your life wherever you are on the globe. My hope is that we will see how similar we may be, to connect with others, to share a bit of our stories through a picture and a few simple words. To be intrigued about our differences. To laugh, cry, be seen.

We are more than just............women, mothers, teachers, stay at home moms, working moms, single, divorced, married, tall, short, blonde, brunette.........."I AM" will let you declare through a photo bits of yourself and your daily life to share with other women.

You can find out more about me - Megan - on my crafting/sewing blog Brassy Apple
Thanks Megan!  I am loving your new blog and look forward to seeing all the new pictures each day!

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Brassy Apple said...

Thanks for sharing the message of the I AM blog and even better sharing a photo for our 1st month's theme.

thank you thank you!